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Respects hair, thanks to the high trichological cosmetic quality of its ingredients, even the most damaged hair becomes soft and brilliant.
“Sicura Professional Crème Color” coloring cream, formulated with wheat germ oil, has a gentle progressive action.

120ml / 4,06 floz

mix 1:1 

Sicura Prof.png

Cream Color


wheat germ oil

Sicura Professional Crème Color is a permanent coloring cream.


It is enriched by the wheat germ oil which provides a protective and nutritive process. It is formulated to guarantee the best coloring results and is easy to use.  

It has a low ammonia content and also it has a pleasant fragrance. It is guaranteed to be long lasting and does not fade. It covers 100% of gray hair and gives a natural, long-lasting result.

Sicura Professional

There are 76 shades
to provide a complete range of colors which are divided into the following tonal categories:

Natural, Red, Golden, Ash and specialized tones.

Post color



Logo Sicura Post Color

Sicura Professional

Post Color

is a range of products that offers the consumer essential references to proceed at home the beauty saloon treatments.


All products has been formulated with liquid crystals and flax seeds to restore to treated, bleached, colored, straightened hair and /or hair wich is given a permanent wave, the appropriate grade of hydration.


It is also advisable for who, having natural hair, needs to gently care every day and to give hair elasticity, smothness, volume and shine.


The action of the substances of the Post Color line makes the products suitable also for those who play water sports.

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