Liquid Crystals with Tea Tree Oil

Liquid Crystals with Tea Tree Oil

It is suitable for defibrated, stressed and chemically treated hair: i.e. if you have colored, permanent waved, straightened and bleached your hair. The Tea Tree Oil's action gives elasticity, volume, smoothness and also an insuperable shiny to hair. It is a concentrated fluid suitable for drained and damaged hair with split ends. It is a leave-on product. You can apply on wet and dry hair before proceed to style the hair. It protects from the using of brushing, hair straightener and blow dryer. It is recommended for protecting hair that is exposed to sea salt and chlorine. It is advisable for those who play water sports. No greasy.

  • SIZE:

    100ml / 3,38 floz


    Tea tree oil


    as the product is at high performance, it is enough to use few drops for each application. Pour the product on the palm of the hand and distribute in a uniform way on the hair.  


    Before style your hair.