NYO Bleaching Powder

NYO Bleaching Powder

Compact non-volatile bleaching powder with lightening power up to 9 tones.


It is suitable for total, medium and light bleaching on natural, colored hair and highlights. The special blue pigments, contained in the finely atomized powders and acting as optical whiteners, perform an efficacious anti-yellow action.

  • SIZE:

    500gr / 17,6 floz

  • MIX:



    specifically formulated as an anti-yellow and anti-orange treatment line.


    Pour the desired quantity into a non-metallic bowl. Add the necessary quantity (1+2)of the NYO Cream Peroxide, then mix to obtain a soft and homogenous cream. Processing time: it varies according to the root of the hair and level of the lift you want to obtain. From 30 to 40 minutes.