NYO Bleaching Cream

NYO Bleaching Cream

Bleaching Cream Blue,


lightening power up to 5 tones. Repeat the application to increase lightening power up to 2 more tones. To be use with NYO Peroxide 25 or 40 vol. according to lightening power desired.

  • SIZE:

    500gr / 17,6 floz

  • MIX:



    specifically formulated as an anti-yellow and anti-orange treatment line.


    Waiting time 40/50min. If you repeat the application, waiting time is 15/20 min. to increase 2 lightening tones. Use with NYO Cream Peroxide at 25/40 vol., mix (1 + 2). The exposure time varies depending on type and color of the hair, as well as in relation to the volumes of the peroxide used. Use of heat source reduces waiting time. Preparation: Pour the Bleaching Cream in a non-metallic bowl and add a double amount of NYO Cream Peroxide, mix to obtain a smooth cream, proceed with the application. Final treatment: Rinse the hair thoroughly, apply the specific NYO shampoo, and if necessary repeat the operation. Apply NYO Hair Mask, wait for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Warnings: the product should not be applied to subjects with obvious signs of skin disease. Wear suitable gloves. Professional use.