Anti Frizz Relaxer Shampoo
  • Anti Frizz Relaxer Shampoo

    with milk proteins


    Formulated with active ingredients derived from milk. It is particularly enriched by milk proteins and trace elements which are essential for hair and scalp vitality. It has a strong soothing anti-frizz effect, while maintaining soft and hydrated hair.

    • SIZE:

      375 ml / 12,67 fl oz

      1000 ml / 33,8 fl oz


      Milk proteins and cationic derivates of the guar gum.

    • PH:




      wet hair, apply the shampoo and gently massage with finger tips the product  throughout the hair. Leave it in for a few minutes. Rinse out and repeat the application.

    • WHEN USE IT:

      Frizzy and damaged hair