Clean Plus Gel


Clean Plus Gel
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Formulated with

hydrogen peroxide and glycerin.

Available sizes:

100ml - 500ml - 5lt

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Clean Plus Gel 500ml
Clean Plus Gel 100ml
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Due to the importance in this period of keeping hands clean,

Faipa Cosmetics with its research departments has formulated

CLEAN PLUS GEL Alcohol-based hand cleaner without rinse.

Formulated with 75% vol. alcohol and hydrogen peroxide,

CLEAN PLUS GEL sanitizes hands without damaging the skin.

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Clean Plus Spray

Specific product to sanitize hands, protective devices and masks, work tools such as brushes, combs, scissors and surfaces in general.


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Formulated with glycerin, it helps maintain the natural hydration of hands stressed by the intensive use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

Available sizes: 500ml

Clean Plus Soap