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It is an anti frizz hair line: the shampoo and the leave on integrative
cream, make soft, silky and well defined curls. The line consists of nonaggressive
cleansing agents, in fact there are not SLS and SLES. It is enriched by the cationic proteins extracted from the moringa seeds. It protects from the environmental agents, such as pollution and also from the damaging effect of ultraviolet rays. It creates a protecting film on hair, leaving well defined and soft curl.

made by a mixture of “caseins” and “whey proteins“, they have an amino acid composition suitable for growth and development. Moreover in the
trichological sector they are very important to regain vitality and beauty of hair.



enriched with

Moringa oleifera ( Moringaceae ) is a native tree of India and it is cultivated in all tropical and subtropical zones. It is considered a “Miracle tree” because every single part of it is used for its curative and nutritional properties.
Moringa seeds have the capacity to purify water.


enriched with


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